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Business strategy

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What is the vision of Eurobattery Minerals?


Electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions need batteries, and batteries need minerals. Currently, Europe is almost 100% dependent on mineral imports, often from countries with poor working conditions. Where child labour is common and harmful environmental impacts are neglected. As we cannot build a sustainable future on raw materials mined under such conditions, our vision is to make Europe self-sufficient in responsibly mined battery minerals. As such, we are powering a cleaner world.

How will you make this vision happen?


We are focused on the exploration and development of many nickel, cobalt, and copper projects in Europe to supply battery minerals critical to the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry and for ever-increasing sustainable energy solutions. Eurobattery Minerals are focused on finding explorations and mineralisation types that have the potential to become commercially viable under European conditions, i.e., larger occurrences that can be operated economically using rational, mechanised methods. Furthermore, we will run our projects focusing on sustainability, including ethical sourcing and full traceability, from exploration to mining.

What minerals are Eurobattery Minerals planning to mine?


We are focused on battery minerals – nickel, copper, and cobalt. These are critical components of any battery suited for EVs or clean energy applications. The need for battery minerals is huge. As we are almost 100 percent dependent on imports to the EU with a clear target to increase our self-sufficiency – the opportunity to mine these minerals in Europe is excellent.