Eurobattery Minerals – The electric vehicle battery mineral company

Eurobattery Minerals AB is a registered company in Sweden formed July 2019

The Company is advancing its flagship Corcel Project and intends to build a portfolio of Ni-Co-Cu projects. It aspires to become a significant European-based Company focused on the supply of raw materials critical to the expanding electric vehicle (EV) battery market.

“We strive to create a greener world by producing minerals critical for an environmentally sustainable future”

– Roberto Martinez Garcia, CEO Eurobattery Minerals

Our strategy

Eurobattery Minerals AB carries out targeted mineral exploration in Sweden. In order to maximise value for shareholders, the company seeks to sell or find partners for its projects at a commercially appropriate time during the exploration phase.

In the opinion of e.g. the Geological Survey of Sweden, more than 80 percent of Sweden’s ores have yet to be discovered. Therefore, regional exploration and new exploration will form major, important parts of Eurobattery Minerals operations moving forward.

The company begins with greenfield exploration, which provides shareholders with the best leverage on invested capital. Exploration potential – and also the risk – is greatest at the initial stage.

Joint ventures will be concluded or explorations sold whenever it is commercially viable to do so during the exploration cycle, and long before the production phase. The time will vary from one exploration to another.

Eurobattery Minerals focuses on finding explorations and mineralisation types that have the potential to become commercially viable under Swedish conditions, i.e. larger occurrences that can be operated economically using rational, mechanised methods. Naturally, the environment and surroundings also benefit from projects with good finances.

The Board and CEO consider the economic cycle in the metals and mining industries to have passed the low-water mark. Now is thus the perfect time for an exploration company such as Eurobattery Minerals to start business operations. When the economic cycle does pick up speed, there will be developed, potential mineral occurrences to offer the market’s operators.