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Responsible mining

European mining equals responsibility

Responsible and sustainable mining not only forms the foundation of Eurobattery Minerals’ entire business model, it also represents a key a priority for the European mining industry. The stringent regulations for mining in Europe, together with its work environment laws, mean that mining operations conducted in this part of the world are positive for the climate and people. Moreover, several different collaborative projects are underway in Europe to further reduce the industry’s climate impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For Eurobattery Minerals, sustainability includes all aspects of the concept; the environmental, social and economic perspectives. Specifically, it concerns conducting operations while taking into account environmental considerations and social responsibility for employees and people who live and work near mining sites.

“The mining industry is an important player in enabling a fossil-free society, and the industry is working tirelessly to improve its processes to reduce the climate footprint. Eurobattery Minerals wants to make an active contribution to the achievement of this goal.”

Roberto Martínez García, CEO Eurobattery Minerals

Mining at the technical forefront

Technological developments in the mining industry are constantly breaking new ground, with much of the focus on identifying even more climate-efficient processes throughout the project phase. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art technology is replacing manual and energy-intensive processes with digital solutions. Laser scanning is one such example, which uses laser beams to measure and identify the location of deposits.

One important success factor in driving developments forward is the collaboration between industry and academia and at Eurobattery Minerals we support this kind of co-operations.

Climate cooperation at a global level

Eurobattery Minerals actively contributes to the sustainability of the industry by participating in various sustainable development and innovation initiatives, at both global and European levels. Read more about our involvement here.

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