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Mining in Europe

Questions answered on this page

Why are there so few active mines in Europe?


This question has many answers but let’s stick to the fact that the EU commission has pointed out the need for our continent to increase its self-sufficiency regarding critical raw materials, such as battery minerals. It’s a strong message that we need more mines to power the green transition. To enable this and the financing needed for more mines, smooth and predictability in permit processes needs to happ

Why do we need mines in Europe?


Minerals and metals play a significant role in industrial development. Whether it has to do with digitalisation, electrification, or new innovations, minerals are needed in everything. As these critical raw materials are increasingly sought after by states and industries worldwide, we need to source our own materials to ensure we have enough supply. A reasonable, responsible, and sustainable way to do this is to open more mines in Europe.

With our strong labour and environmental laws and regulations, as well as innovative attitude, we will be able to mine in a much more responsible way than in certain parts of the world where child labour, pollutions and poor working conditions are common.

What about minerals and metals? Do we have that in Europe?


A short answer is yes; we do have all the minerals and metals we need to cater for our demands within Europe. However, as mining has always been seen as a critical activity here, there is a lot of work done when it comes to the investigation of different mineral resources across Europe. From this, the conclusion is that we have all materials we need – now, it’s rather a matter of creating a regulatory environment that enables the establishment of new mines along with financing.

Mining is a national matter in the EU today; what is your opinion on this? Would it be better if the EU had a common agenda for mining?


At Eurobattery Minerals, we strongly support a more aligned European agenda for mining. We strongly believe that a common agenda would enable us to establish a project where we are able to source the most possible minerals and metals at the lowest possible impact. However, it needs to be done in close collaboration and partnership with the local community.