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11 September, 2023

Newsletter August 2023

I hope you all had some beautiful, sunny, restful, and reflective days this summer. Summer in Finland is always nice. But this time it was at least for some members of the Eurobattery family really exciting.

That's what happened: Months ago, a German television crew asked if they could shoot a documentary with us about mining in general and the search for battery minerals in particular. After a few weeks of talks and preparations, we found ourselves in Finland at the Hautalampi mine in Outokumpu. The film crew shot everything: Drill cores, a rig in action, mine museum, the surface golf course, Ilari, and me. I'm eager to see the result, which will be broadcast on German television in January. I'll keep you posted.

One step closer to mining
Let’s get down to business. We are very pleased to announce that the first phase of the environmental permit process for the Hautalampi mining project has been completed successfully. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) is now fully approved by the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment (ELY). FinnCobalt proceeds swiftly with the environmental permit application that will result in the environmental permit. Eurobattery Minerals is the majority owner of FinnCobalt Oy and the Hautalampi mine project (70 percent). Mining in Finland has become very realistic now.

The question why…
I am often asked why there are so few mines for battery minerals in Europe when everyone knows that we urgently need these minerals for e-mobility and the transition to cleaner energy sources. Well, the question has many answers but let’s stick to the fact that the EU Commission has pointed out the need for our continent to increase its self-sufficiency regarding critical raw materials, such as battery minerals. It’s a strong message that we need more mines to power the green transition. To enable this and the financing needed for more mines, smooth and predictable permit processes need to happen.

We need more courage, and more willingness to allow mines even in our backyards. We need fast and unbureaucratic processes and approval procedures. We need to win people's hearts and minds for modern, minimally invasive mining and refute clichés about dirty mining. And we need start-up financing for new projects. Because: It's all here in Europe – copper, cobalt, rare earths, etc. – that we need. Our dependence is not set in stone. Let's be bold!

By the way: You can always look up our FAQ to find some more answers to critical questions as well as new information about our projects on our website.

The clear message from the IAA
The IAA Mobility in Munich calls itself the largest mobility event in the world! New mobility carriers, technologies, and start-ups appeared on the scene from September 5 to 10. This year it placed a clear focus on the key topics of raw materials and mining, as these industries are of crucial importance for the development of electromobility. International automakers took the opportunity to showcase a wide range of sustainable electric vehicles and underscored their commitment to electromobility. Crystal clear message: The future of electromobility and raw material sourcing remains promising with the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the increased emphasis on the importance of raw materials in electromobility.

The riddle: Who are you?
Finally, like many others, I am excited and curious to meet one of our most focused and highly motivated shareholders. For months now there has been a shareholder from Germany buying Eurobattery Minerals shares through "Danske Bank", continuously. His shareholding has reached almost two million shares so far and he should be the largest shareholder of the company with more than 5%. I would like to meet him and exchange ideas and goals, please contact me.

I wish you all a wonderful late summer with mild temperatures and early autumn colors.

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