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Vision & strategy

Eurobattery Minerals is a mining company focusing on responsible exploration and development of the minerals nickel, cobalt and copper. The company has ongoing projects in Finland and Spain.

Our vision

Electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions need batteries and batteries need minerals. Currently Europe is 100% dependent on mineral imports, often from countries with poor working conditions. Where child labour is common and negative environmental impacts are neglected.

As we cannot build a sustainable future on raw materials mined under such conditions our vision is to make Europe self-sufficient in responsibly mined battery minerals and, as such, power a cleaner world.

Our strategy

The mining company is focused on exploration and development of several nickel, cobalt and copper projects in Europe to supply battery minerals critical to the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry as well as for ever increasing sustainable energy solutions.

The company focuses on finding explorations and mineralisation types that have the potential to become commercially viable under European conditions, i.e. larger occurrences that can be operated economically using rational, mechanised methods.

Further to this, the company will run its projects with focus on sustainability, including ethical sourcing and with full traceability, from exploration to mining. In this field, the company’s strategy is to collaborate with existing and new initiatives in the battery value chain, public and private and keep an open mind attitude to different solutions.

“We strive to create a cleaner world by providing responsibly mined battery minerals from Europe – for Europe”

Roberto Martínez García, CEO Eurobattery Minerals

Market conditions

With a large European automotive industry and huge focus on the development of clean energy solutions, combined with the region’s goal to be climate neutral in 2050, the EU Commission has set the goal of Europe to become the global leader in sustainable battery production. One elementary important part of this is to enable mining for battery minerals within the region, and do this in a responsible way to provide traceable minerals.

The EU commission has pointed out that the conditions for enhanced extraction in Europe are very good and several researches suggest that the battery minerals needed for the European battery market are available across several European countries, including Finland and Spain.

The combination of the electrical revolution of the vehicle industry, focus on clean energy and the strategic view from the EU on batteries and sustainability are the key drivers for Eurobattery Minerals business and what makes this the perfect time for mining for battery minerals such as nickel, copper and cobalt within Europe.

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Listed company

Eurobattery Minerals is a dual-listed company in Sweden and Germany. The stock is traded on NGM Nordic SME (BAT) and Börse Stuttgart (EBM).

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