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9 May, 2022

The Key Minerals in an EV Battery

A battery for an electric car currently weighs up to 400kg. That’s about a quarter of a car's total weight and occurs mainly from the minerals used. But what exactly are these components?

Due to the composition of the metals, the cathode is the most important and most expensive component in a #battery and significantly determines the range of an #electricvehicle. Here you will find an extensive metal mix of #nickel#cobalt, manganese, ion and aluminum.

Its counterpart, the anode, is made of a far less expensive material: graphite. As the largest single component of #lithium-ion batteries, this mineral plays a key role.

It is impossible to imagine a sustainable future without electrical technologies. However, it is just as important to control the environmental impact and production conditions when #mining these #rawmaterials.

This graphic from Elements gives deep insights into the inner workings of an electric battery. If you want to learn more, I recommend this article: The Key Minerals in an EV Battery.

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